Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best Fall Fashion Hats

We are seeing lots of 2-tone colors in both men's and lady's styles of all types.  In felt the brims are one color and the crowns another.  In fabrics there is a big return to multi-color tweeds and plaids.  Ladies styles are showing more netting which we have been waiting for and  asking for the last few years.  Netting is so feminine.  Why did netting disappear for so long?  Gems and sequins abound.    Winter hats will be our future subject.  Stay tuned.  Your friend in Hats

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jimmt Buffett Hats

We all know that the legion of Parrotheads love their Jimmy Buffett.  Parrortheads love their headwear almost as much.  Jimmy is in Las Vegas usually once during each October.  This year he's here on the  15th and 22nd at the MGM to celebrate the opening of his first Margarittaville Casino on the Center Strip..  Every year we supply Jimmy's legion of follower with parrot hats, flamingo's, and of course, Cheeseburger in Paradise  hats.  We are stocked up and ready for you.  Especially check out our newest Pink Flamingo Party Hat on the website.  I'll be there at the casino to partake of the World's biggest Margaritta on opening day.   See you there. Jim the hatman