Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fascinators are Fascinating

Since the Royal wedding of early this year the Fascinator has been the brightest hat wearing item for ladies.  Ladies who do not want to wear hats to dressy events have chosen the small size of the fascinator to "cover" the hat urge without messing up the hair do.  Tiny and lightweight they fit the bill for dressup.  The cost is minimal, around $20.  Cocktail party wear and New Years events are made for Fascinators in all colors.  Black dominates, of course, with netting, sequins, and feathers.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cowboys and Hats

This week here in Las Vegas is the National Finals Rodeo. For days on end we see the horse trailers moving on the Strip. Felt cowboy hats are everywhere. These guys like to drink beer and gamble. They love Las Vegas because they can go 24 hours a day. Once back in Wyoming or Montana nighttime comes quick this time of year. The lights never go out in Las Vegas. These cowboys all have a lady on their arm. The ladies are nicely dressed in country-western casual. They will wear knit hat styles to keep the hair-do in shape .Daytime everyone wears roper style shoes, but after 5 PM it's boots only. When the wind comes out of the south we can get a whiff of horse from the corrals 3 miles south at Jackie Gaughn's South Coast Casino. There must be 200 horse stalls and several hundred cowboy horse trailers out back. We're selling these folks all kinds of the new animal head style plush winter hats as family gifts as seen at our site After this week everyone heads back to the ranch to hunker down til spring.

European and Asian hat wearers

Here in Las Vegas we at the Hat Company interact with people from the 4 corners of the world literally hour after hour on a daily basis.  Everyone is excited to be in  our country and especially Las Vegas .  The shopping opportunities and variety of apparel for purchase is amazing to these visitors.  Europeans love leather.  Orientals love name brand labels.  South Americans love our funny costume hats.  Pan=Pacific people love sports teams and hip-hop ballcaps.  Aussies buy it all and always ask where is the nearest bar , because day and night they are ready for a beer.  Check ourladies dept at www.thehatco .com  for our winter hats.  Our selection is tasteful, at great prices.