Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ringo Starr likes his hats

Talking to Ringo Starr this past week was a real treat.  Ringo loves his hats, always has, according to the legendary Beatles drummer.  He talked to us at our Las Vegas Strip location by telephone.  We hope to  be priviledged with a visit by Ringo in the future to add to his hat inventory of which he says he has many.  What a joy to actually talk to a legendary Beatle.
January  is typically a transitional month in the hat biz.  Everyone has their winter hat. Spring is a long way aways,  But, the hat makers are now busy with making the new 2012 Spring-Summer merchandise for delivery in February-March-April.  We have received an advance order of ladies cotton and fabric summer sun hats and visors.  These will appear on our websire in about 2 weeks in the "New for 2012" section. 
Answer to last blogs hat knowledge question:  A "cheesecutter" is a British term for a flat brim flattop style driving or golf cap.
Hat knowledge question #2: What is a "Porkpie"?
a] a hot pastry stuffed with piggy
b] Another government program
c] a flat-top hat with a narrow brim
See you soon . 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Resolution about Hats

Happy New Year to our Hat Blog followers.  Most of you are dedicated hat wearers because of your lifestyle or need for sun protection.  Some wear because of style. Some need protection from the elements, cold, and intense sun.  I talk to dermatologists and their patients literally on a daily basis about their skin problems caused by too much sun exposure thru the years,  We all love a golden healthy looking tan.  These hundreds of people I talk to over the months and years tell me their stories of regret because of the very real health problems this over exposure has caused.  I do not mean to be a downer at the beginning of 2012, but perhaps you will consider a New Years Resolution to cover up more than ever in 2012. 
Hat knowledge Question for 2012 #1:  What is a Cheesecutter? {This is a tough one]
A]  A style of English cap
B]  A deli worker
C] A very rude person
Answer  and definition next time

Sunday, January 1, 2012

LA Clippers Hat

The other day the phone rang at our Las Vegas Strip store .  The guy asked if we had an LA Clippers hat. In 20 years nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever even mentioned the LA Clippers,  So watch out LA Lakers fans, there's a new sheriff in town[even though that sheriff has been in town for the last 30 years.}  Then 2 days ago a guy from the Netherlands walked in with a bright orange  LAClippers T-shirt on.  I felt like I had entered  a parallel universe or something.  It's a new world order.
Final Word:  Las Vegas Strip New Years Party was a big success.  Warm Temps.  on the Strip  TOP, TOP rank entertainment at all clubs.  Every Kardashian ever heard of  up to a third cousin was hosting a  dance club party.