Wednesday, May 23, 2012

White is the color of 2012

People say that technically white is not a color. I don't know if this is true or not, but for hats white is the color. This summer men and women are choosing white in all styles of ladies sun hats and mens fedoras. White, of course, matchs just about anything you wear ,but it seems to be more than that. Year round black is #1 in any hat style, but we at The Hat Company cannot keep white in stock. Vegas visitors to our store go directly to the white hats. We used to get the question all the time about "how do you keep a white hat clean?' Keep it in the closet. Then they would go ahead and buy black. BORING. No more, white is it in hats. We have also seen more and more totally white outfits on the ladies for the hot summer months. Bright colors and white will keep you in the height of style in summer 2012.
Hat Question of the week: What did hats signify about the wearer in the old and ancient days?
1] Your head was bald
2] You were having a bad hair day
3] What style or shape of hat you wore was a sign of your social rank or type of skilled employment that you enjoyed. Answer next week.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Trend in Women's Headwear

In the next 3 to 12 months the low-top jockey ballcap will be seen on all kinds of heads in People Magazine, Facebook pages of celebrity women, and trendy fashion conscience ladies.    The idea is to mix the ballcap with more dressier styles of clothing to give an offsetting look.  The caps will be decorated with prints of cute animals of all types such as puppies, palm trees, fruit, famous landmarks, and just about anything.  Colors will be pinks, blues, and neutral tones to show off the cute prints.  The trend will make a big splash for a few months or a season and then move on to something else.  You heard it here first.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Steeplechase and Hat Parade

April 14th was the  date of the annual  Atlanta Steeplechase for charity.  Our correspondent reported from the event in Rome, Georgia with special attention paid to the Parade of Hats.  Feathers, ribbons, buttons, and all manner of decorations were used to win blue ribbons in such categories as Most Beautiful, Most Fanciful, and Most Original.  Ladies all wore hats.  The bigger the better. No-one was allowed into the Premier boxes without a hat.  The Steeplechase is the run-up  hat wearing event to the Kentucky Derby to be held in just a few weeks at the end of May. Rome, Georgia was afloat in a sea of pale blue, creme, fushcia, and lilac. Sourhern belles and matrons know how to dress-up in their sundresses and hats.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hat Boxes full of hats

It's on.  The mad rush of ladies to get their Easter bonnets ended yesterday.  There will be lots of peach, fuschia, lime green and ,of course, white in church today worn by traditional ladies to honor the greatest Christian Holiday next to Christ's birhday.  These ladies love their hats and the event itself.  Their joy in the Rising of the Lord and their love of the greatest hat day in the year is an event we watch each year at The Hat Co with special awe.
Next is the Kentucky Derby.  That is the next Big event which we will describe here along with Spring Teas.  Ladies will be in hat buying frenzy.  A full description coming soon.
Hat Quiz:  How do you remove dust off a good felt hat?
A]  Brush off in a  "clockwise" direction
B]  Hold it out the car window at 60 mph
C] Gently use a hat brush and brush  the felt in a "counterclockwise" direction
Answer next week

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter and Springtime

The sun is rising higher in the sky each day.  Winter is just about over.  Easter Sunday  is in one week.  The Hat Co is selling   Easter bonnets as fast as we can get them into the  store.  We have about 100 bonnets of all shapes and colors due in this week from New York by air express to fill the requests.
The watchword for ladies will be BRIGHT colors as we have reported earlier.  Big brim or small shapes will be seen in Bright colors and patterns.
Answer to last weeks Hat Quiz: C]  A snood is a hair net to hold in the hair in a bunch at the back
There will be a new question next week for you Hat Quizers.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fascinating Fascinators

Fascinator is a name for tiny little headwear for ladies which aren't quite hats but have flowers, veils, feathers, and little decorations.  They are worn in place of a hat for those ladies who want a little decoration without wearing a full size ladies hat.  Fascinators look great for a cocktail event, evening wear, or any dressy affair.  Sometimes called "whispeys" as in "a little wisp of a thing."  Facinators are light and add a touch of glamour to one and all.  The Hat Company of Las Vegas has a large selection on hand now for Spring 2012.
Hat Quiz: 
What is a snood?
A] A snob with a cold
B] A person in a snarky mood
C] A hair net worn as a hat to hold in long ladies hair in a bunch. Popular in the '40's
Answer next week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

NASCAR Hats are the fans that wear themat NASCAR Races

Last weekend was the occasion of the Kobalt 400 NASCAR Cup race here in Las Vegas.  The weather was a perfect 72 degrees with a slight breeze and light cloud cover.  Perfect for racing .  But you had to have on a hat for sure.  Ballcaps with drivers names,  your brand of  alcohol laden beveredge, favorite auto maker, or hometown construction equiptment company were of coursr 90% of the hats on view. The other 10% was the fun stuff.  The cute blond with the Coors Light 12-pack carton hat was outstanding.  Aluminum foil hats with antenae to keep contact with the mother ship shined and shined.  Cowboy hats from the $300 George Strait models worn by those with the high value security access tags saying I'm special  to the real people cowboy hats with  wear holes, sweat stains, and beer logos.  Dale Jr and Richard Petty are hatmaking trackside icons you can see  in every direction.  Hats at a Speedway race  are as American as NASCAR, BBQ turkey legs, dyed blond hair, and rows of Harley-Davidsons.
Answer to March 1 blog question. What's Steampunk?
C] A new science fiction genre featuring  clothing and hats
Caution: You should never wear Steampunk at a Nascar Race unless you have a death wish.
See you soon

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Year Leap of Faith to a new style of headwear

The male Baby Boomers are making a seismic switch in their choice of hats.  Ballcaps have ruled throughout their youth and middle years as the headwear of choice for sports and any outdoors wear.
Now day after day these guys are coming into the Hat Company store in Las Vegas and are saying that they are "just tired" of wearing the same old ballcaps and it's time to experiment a little.  Many are jumping to the flatcap, ivy league, and cabby cap style.  It looks cool.  Lots of celebs wear them.  And most importantly their lady friends like them, because the ladies are tired of the ballcaps too. The ladies tell us every day. So maybe it's time for you to break loose a little and try a new style.  You just might be surprised.
Answer to hat quiz question of Feb 11th:  LLCoolJ Bucket hat
Hat Quiz for March 1st: What's Steampunk?
A]  A bad choice in fast food
B]  An angry hotheaded dude
C] A new science fiction genre of dressup wear in cloths and especially hats which emulates the style of clothing in the 1930's as seen in comic strips with space ship adventurers and military aviator daredevils.
Answer next week.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bailey Mannesroe (say mans-row) is a 2" snap brim center dent crown fedora.  A new style for 2012.  This traditional fedora shape is updated to include the current mode of multi-color braid straw in the design. In this case, the brim is fashion multi-color while the solid color crown tones down the effect.  Lots of summer see-through ventilation in the soft feel sewn braid straw crown.  Designed by Bailey of Hollywood, USA.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hats put the P in Phat

First the answer to last weeks Hat Question of "Where do Panama Hats come from?"  the answer is C the So American country of Ecuador.
Now why are hats phat?  Each generation of Americans has had its iconic headwear style
Today's generation listens to hip-hop and rap. Todays young wear their ballcaps backward.  Dudes wear skinny brim fedora's.  Rappers wear Kangol brand, beannies, and bucket hats.  Our 20-something population wear hats in greater number than their parent's generation.  Just as in old times the hat you wear tells the story of your social consciousness, class identification, and lifestyle choice.  Hats are Phat because they are a symbol which describes who you think you are and how you want others to view you. That's Phat
Hat question of the week:  What old school style is back again?
A]  Village People hats
B]  Old Guy flatcaps from Wal-Mart
C]  LL Cool J style terrycloth buckets [We are selling lots of these again]
Answer next week. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The more things change the more they remain the same

The  meaning title of the title of this entry is clear to long time  hat wearers.  Styles, colors, and shapes of headwear that came before show up again a few years later.  Designers who know a classic will try to reinvent the wheel for a new younger audience,  The classic styles can and do receive a makeover that works.  Bad styles disappear forever and good riddance,  Example:  The "Snapback" ballcap is back.  The snapback is that cheap plastic tab at the back  with holes that makes a ballcap one size fits all.  A few years ago these ballcaps were sent packing by the sized{more expensive} Flexfit caps for teams and all-around wear.  Now Snapback is  rediscovered and back as a retro fashion in headwear.  Young dudes and gal dudes want Snapback.  All the ballcap makers are making millions in all colors for the market.  Those who turned up their noses a few years ago at the cheapy snapback are back.  Good stuff will always come back in life and in hats.

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Showgirls are forever

Here in Las Vegas there are many iconic themes.  One is our "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" Strip sign, a  giant Saphire Gin  martini hoisted by mayor and mob mouthpiece Oscar Goodman, and the tall  Las Vegas showgirl.  At we custom make sell these giant feather showgirl  headresses in many colors. Email us your color request to fit your costume event.  The Hat Co also sells the Carmen Miranda fruit and feather turbans and 1920's " Roaring 20's ladies feathered "flapper girl" headpieces.  All great party dressups for our female fans.  We ship everywhere.  Look for them under "Costume and Novelty on the site.
Answer to last weeks question: C: a porkpie with a flat top and mnarrow flat brim
 Hat Question 4: Where do Panama hats really come from?
A]  Panama [hint: don't pick this one]
B]  Horse Race tracks
C]  The South American country of Ecuador

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Men's Straw Hats

I now you're saying it's February.  I know it's cold and there isn't much sunshine out there.  Believe it or not, but all the calls I've taken this week from Hat industry salesmen are about ordering straw hats for Spring-Summer 2012.  There's lots of new colors from Bailey in their soft braid straw like the Mannes. There's lots of new in stock straws from Sun n Surf from Texas in our ladies hat section.  Enter the discount coupon code "friend" in the coupon box on the checkout page for a 10% discount on these or any others you see. In just 2 short months the sun will begin to shine and summer will arrive in 16 weeks.  Most of our new summer styles will be included on the website in the next 8 weeks.  Keep checking.  See you soon.
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ringo Starr likes his hats

Talking to Ringo Starr this past week was a real treat.  Ringo loves his hats, always has, according to the legendary Beatles drummer.  He talked to us at our Las Vegas Strip location by telephone.  We hope to  be priviledged with a visit by Ringo in the future to add to his hat inventory of which he says he has many.  What a joy to actually talk to a legendary Beatle.
January  is typically a transitional month in the hat biz.  Everyone has their winter hat. Spring is a long way aways,  But, the hat makers are now busy with making the new 2012 Spring-Summer merchandise for delivery in February-March-April.  We have received an advance order of ladies cotton and fabric summer sun hats and visors.  These will appear on our websire in about 2 weeks in the "New for 2012" section. 
Answer to last blogs hat knowledge question:  A "cheesecutter" is a British term for a flat brim flattop style driving or golf cap.
Hat knowledge question #2: What is a "Porkpie"?
a] a hot pastry stuffed with piggy
b] Another government program
c] a flat-top hat with a narrow brim
See you soon . 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Resolution about Hats

Happy New Year to our Hat Blog followers.  Most of you are dedicated hat wearers because of your lifestyle or need for sun protection.  Some wear because of style. Some need protection from the elements, cold, and intense sun.  I talk to dermatologists and their patients literally on a daily basis about their skin problems caused by too much sun exposure thru the years,  We all love a golden healthy looking tan.  These hundreds of people I talk to over the months and years tell me their stories of regret because of the very real health problems this over exposure has caused.  I do not mean to be a downer at the beginning of 2012, but perhaps you will consider a New Years Resolution to cover up more than ever in 2012. 
Hat knowledge Question for 2012 #1:  What is a Cheesecutter? {This is a tough one]
A]  A style of English cap
B]  A deli worker
C] A very rude person
Answer  and definition next time

Sunday, January 1, 2012

LA Clippers Hat

The other day the phone rang at our Las Vegas Strip store .  The guy asked if we had an LA Clippers hat. In 20 years nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever even mentioned the LA Clippers,  So watch out LA Lakers fans, there's a new sheriff in town[even though that sheriff has been in town for the last 30 years.}  Then 2 days ago a guy from the Netherlands walked in with a bright orange  LAClippers T-shirt on.  I felt like I had entered  a parallel universe or something.  It's a new world order.
Final Word:  Las Vegas Strip New Years Party was a big success.  Warm Temps.  on the Strip  TOP, TOP rank entertainment at all clubs.  Every Kardashian ever heard of  up to a third cousin was hosting a  dance club party.