Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fascinating Fascinators

Fascinator is a name for tiny little headwear for ladies which aren't quite hats but have flowers, veils, feathers, and little decorations.  They are worn in place of a hat for those ladies who want a little decoration without wearing a full size ladies hat.  Fascinators look great for a cocktail event, evening wear, or any dressy affair.  Sometimes called "whispeys" as in "a little wisp of a thing."  Facinators are light and add a touch of glamour to one and all.  The Hat Company of Las Vegas has a large selection on hand now for Spring 2012.
Hat Quiz: 
What is a snood?
A] A snob with a cold
B] A person in a snarky mood
C] A hair net worn as a hat to hold in long ladies hair in a bunch. Popular in the '40's
Answer next week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

NASCAR Hats are the fans that wear themat NASCAR Races

Last weekend was the occasion of the Kobalt 400 NASCAR Cup race here in Las Vegas.  The weather was a perfect 72 degrees with a slight breeze and light cloud cover.  Perfect for racing .  But you had to have on a hat for sure.  Ballcaps with drivers names,  your brand of  alcohol laden beveredge, favorite auto maker, or hometown construction equiptment company were of coursr 90% of the hats on view. The other 10% was the fun stuff.  The cute blond with the Coors Light 12-pack carton hat was outstanding.  Aluminum foil hats with antenae to keep contact with the mother ship shined and shined.  Cowboy hats from the $300 George Strait models worn by those with the high value security access tags saying I'm special  to the real people cowboy hats with  wear holes, sweat stains, and beer logos.  Dale Jr and Richard Petty are hatmaking trackside icons you can see  in every direction.  Hats at a Speedway race  are as American as NASCAR, BBQ turkey legs, dyed blond hair, and rows of Harley-Davidsons.
Answer to March 1 blog question. What's Steampunk?
C] A new science fiction genre featuring  clothing and hats
Caution: You should never wear Steampunk at a Nascar Race unless you have a death wish.
See you soon

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Year Leap of Faith to a new style of headwear

The male Baby Boomers are making a seismic switch in their choice of hats.  Ballcaps have ruled throughout their youth and middle years as the headwear of choice for sports and any outdoors wear.
Now day after day these guys are coming into the Hat Company store in Las Vegas and are saying that they are "just tired" of wearing the same old ballcaps and it's time to experiment a little.  Many are jumping to the flatcap, ivy league, and cabby cap style.  It looks cool.  Lots of celebs wear them.  And most importantly their lady friends like them, because the ladies are tired of the ballcaps too. The ladies tell us every day. So maybe it's time for you to break loose a little and try a new style.  You just might be surprised.
Answer to hat quiz question of Feb 11th:  LLCoolJ Bucket hat
Hat Quiz for March 1st: What's Steampunk?
A]  A bad choice in fast food
B]  An angry hotheaded dude
C] A new science fiction genre of dressup wear in cloths and especially hats which emulates the style of clothing in the 1930's as seen in comic strips with space ship adventurers and military aviator daredevils.
Answer next week.

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