Sunday, April 15, 2012

Steeplechase and Hat Parade

April 14th was the  date of the annual  Atlanta Steeplechase for charity.  Our correspondent reported from the event in Rome, Georgia with special attention paid to the Parade of Hats.  Feathers, ribbons, buttons, and all manner of decorations were used to win blue ribbons in such categories as Most Beautiful, Most Fanciful, and Most Original.  Ladies all wore hats.  The bigger the better. No-one was allowed into the Premier boxes without a hat.  The Steeplechase is the run-up  hat wearing event to the Kentucky Derby to be held in just a few weeks at the end of May. Rome, Georgia was afloat in a sea of pale blue, creme, fushcia, and lilac. Sourhern belles and matrons know how to dress-up in their sundresses and hats.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hat Boxes full of hats

It's on.  The mad rush of ladies to get their Easter bonnets ended yesterday.  There will be lots of peach, fuschia, lime green and ,of course, white in church today worn by traditional ladies to honor the greatest Christian Holiday next to Christ's birhday.  These ladies love their hats and the event itself.  Their joy in the Rising of the Lord and their love of the greatest hat day in the year is an event we watch each year at The Hat Co with special awe.
Next is the Kentucky Derby.  That is the next Big event which we will describe here along with Spring Teas.  Ladies will be in hat buying frenzy.  A full description coming soon.
Hat Quiz:  How do you remove dust off a good felt hat?
A]  Brush off in a  "clockwise" direction
B]  Hold it out the car window at 60 mph
C] Gently use a hat brush and brush  the felt in a "counterclockwise" direction
Answer next week

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter and Springtime

The sun is rising higher in the sky each day.  Winter is just about over.  Easter Sunday  is in one week.  The Hat Co is selling   Easter bonnets as fast as we can get them into the  store.  We have about 100 bonnets of all shapes and colors due in this week from New York by air express to fill the requests.
The watchword for ladies will be BRIGHT colors as we have reported earlier.  Big brim or small shapes will be seen in Bright colors and patterns.
Answer to last weeks Hat Quiz: C]  A snood is a hair net to hold in the hair in a bunch at the back
There will be a new question next week for you Hat Quizers.