Wednesday, May 23, 2012

White is the color of 2012

People say that technically white is not a color. I don't know if this is true or not, but for hats white is the color. This summer men and women are choosing white in all styles of ladies sun hats and mens fedoras. White, of course, matchs just about anything you wear ,but it seems to be more than that. Year round black is #1 in any hat style, but we at The Hat Company cannot keep white in stock. Vegas visitors to our store go directly to the white hats. We used to get the question all the time about "how do you keep a white hat clean?' Keep it in the closet. Then they would go ahead and buy black. BORING. No more, white is it in hats. We have also seen more and more totally white outfits on the ladies for the hot summer months. Bright colors and white will keep you in the height of style in summer 2012.
Hat Question of the week: What did hats signify about the wearer in the old and ancient days?
1] Your head was bald
2] You were having a bad hair day
3] What style or shape of hat you wore was a sign of your social rank or type of skilled employment that you enjoyed. Answer next week.

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